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DHL Express signs partnership with Standard Chartered for sustainable aviation fuel

DHL Express and Standard Chartered have entered into a partnership for the GoGreen Plus service, aiming to invest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to offset CO2 emissions. Starting January 1, 2024, Standard Chartered is among the first banks to use the DHL GoGreen Plus service globally. The bank, committed to achieving net zero in its operations by 2025 and financed emissions by 2050, aims to reduce its related emissions by up to 30% initially, with further reductions expected annually.

Through this collaboration, Standard Chartered supports DHL in scaling the use of SAF, which can significantly reduce lifecycle emissions compared to traditional jet fuel.

Yung C. Ooi, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Asia Pacific, DHL Express, expressed hope that this partnership will encourage other companies to adopt low-emission transportation services using sustainable aviation fuel.

Khuresh Faizullabhoy, Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, Trade, Standard Chartered, emphasized that scaling the use of SAF will jointly reduce emissions generated from essential trade and shipping services, aligning with their commitment to achieving net zero.

DHL Express launched the GoGreen Plus service in 2023, facilitated by significant SAF contracts with BP, Neste, and World Energy, which utilize alternative raw materials with sustainable energy profiles. This initiative forms part of DHL Group’s broader goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, with the air freight network being a significant contributor to the company’s carbon footprint.



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