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Companies plan shift to CCS, biomass at Michigan coal plant

A technology company intends to assist in converting a coal-fueled power plant in Michigan to biomass and incorporating carbon capture, marking a departure from the approach of most U.S. utilities, which have been cautious about adopting emissions-reducing strategies.

Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises has announced an agreement with NorthStar Clean Energy, a co-owner of the TES Filer City Station, to commence initial work on the project.

According to Brian Hartmann, President of NorthStar, the facility would represent “one of the nation’s first large-scale biomass with carbon capture and sequestration projects,” as stated in a recent announcement.

In late April, the EPA issued a final rule aimed at reducing emissions from existing coal-fired power plants and new natural gas plants, sparking renewed debate over the demonstration of CCS technology. The Biden administration has endorsed the technology, describing it as proven and accessible, emphasizing its effectiveness in trapping CO2 emissions from point sources such as power plants.



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