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Clean Fuels Alliance America asks US EPA to increase future biodiesel volumes

The Clean Fuels Alliance America (CFAA) urges the U.S. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) to boost future biodiesel volumes under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Kurt Kovarik, vice president of federal affairs, underscores that the finalized Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) through 2025 only offered modest increases. “Per the statute, EPA should be preparing the next RVO for finalization in fall 2024, covering 2026,” he stated. “However, I doubt they will proceed. With a presidential election year, I don’t anticipate them risking potential conflicts in this domain.”

Recently, Chevron Renewable Energy Group announced the indefinite shutdown of two biodiesel plants in the Midwest, citing unfavorable market conditions stemming from low biodiesel volumes mandated by the RFS.

Kovarik informed Brownfield that the industry had cautioned the EPA about possible plant closures when RVOs were set below the industry’s overall capacity. “The repercussions are palpable,” he emphasized. “Regrettably, the idling of these two plants seems to be a direct consequence of that decision.”

Kovarik highlights a significant increase in domestic production and usage of advanced biomass-based diesel by one billion gallons year-over-year in 2023.



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