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CIP signs deal to acquire a majority share in one of Denmark’s largest biogas plants

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Sindal Biogas, one of Denmark’s largest biogas plants, located in Northern Jutland, and plans a significant upgrade worth hundreds of millions.

The investment firm will collaborate with KK Invest and DBC Invest to expand the plant’s capacity to process 500,000 tonnes of biomass annually, aiming to produce up to 34 million cubic meters of upgraded biogas for the gas grid.

Along with increasing its biomass capacity, the plant will also produce biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2), which will be captured, stored, or used in the green energy transition.

This project is one of several expansions at Sindal Biogas. Thomas Dalsgaard, Partner at CIP, stated, “The acquisition of the majority shares in Sindal Biogas is an important step for our biogas project portfolio. We see significant potential in converting sustainable biomass into green gas and fuels, which are crucial for the green transition.”

While low-carbon energies like wind, solar, hydrogen, and batteries often dominate the headlines, biomass accounts for the majority (50-60%) of the EU’s renewable energy consumption, especially in the heating sector, where it represents about 75% of total energy usage.

Biomass power plants generate steam, heat, and electricity by burning biomass directly, converting it into biogas, or transforming it into biofuels like ethanol or biodiesel for energy use, particularly in vehicles.

Morten Glenthøj from KK Invest noted that biogas is rapidly developing. He added, “Sindal Biogas will require substantial investments in the coming years to harness technological opportunities and increase CO2 displacement. This demands long-term, risk-taking capital with regulatory insight into the green transition.”



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