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China: Experts see big role for biomass in energy

Experts highlight the rapid development of biomass as a clean energy source with significant potential, urging further efforts to broaden its applications and utilization pathways.

Their comments follow the State Council’s recent announcement of an action plan for energy conservation and carbon reduction for 2024-25, which relaxed requirements on new energy utilization in resource-rich areas from 95 percent to 90 percent.

According to estimates from China Galaxy Securities, this relaxation could potentially unlock 74 gigawatts of new energy capacity, benefiting industries such as wind, solar, and biomass energy.

Biomass encompasses materials derived from living organisms used for bioenergy production, including wood, energy crops, agricultural by-products like straw, and organic waste from industry and households.

“Biomass energy offers a wide array of raw material sources and can take various forms, such as solid fuel, liquid fuel, and gas fuel. These characteristics render biomass energy a stable, continuous, and easily manageable new energy source,” noted Du Xiangwan, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.



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