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Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines tie up to promote use of sustainable aviation fuel in region

Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines (SIA), two leading aviation companies in Asia, have joined forces to advance the adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the region, a critical endeavor for an industry grappling with decarbonization challenges, reported South China Morning Post.

During the 80th International Air Transport Association (IATA) annual general meeting and world air transport summit in Dubai, the CEOs of the Hong Kong-based and Singapore-based airlines signed a memorandum of understanding. This agreement, as stated in a joint statement by the companies, will focus on sustainability initiatives.

The memorandum outlines plans for collaborative SAF procurement at specific locations, advocacy for supportive regional policies, and the establishment of a standardized global accounting and reporting framework to ensure transparency and verification of emission reductions resulting from SAF use.

Additionally, the partnership aims to exchange best practices for reducing single-use plastic, waste minimization, and enhancing energy efficiency in ground and cargo operations.

Ronald Lam, Cathay Group CEO, emphasized, “Our collaboration with Singapore Airlines aims to expedite and support the development of the SAF supply chain in the region, fostering a reliable sustainable fuel ecosystem to assist the industry in achieving its long-term decarbonization objectives.”

Goh Choon Phong, CEO of SIA, echoed Lam’s sentiments, affirming SIA’s commitment to integrating sustainability across all operational aspects. He stated, “Our partnership with Cathay signifies our shared ambition to enhance collaboration in sustainability initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. Together, we are laying the groundwork for a more sustainable aviation industry, ensuring that future generations continue to benefit from air travel.”



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