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Boost to BioCNG sector: GPS Renewables joins hands with Arka BRENStech

GPS Renewables Pvt Ltd (GPSR), India’s premier biofuel technology firm, has announced a strategic partnership with Arka BRENStech Pvt Ltd (ABPL), a renowned pioneer in biogas technology. This collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive engineering services, including Project Management and specialized equipment for BioCNG plants capable of producing up to 10 TPD of Compressed Biogas (CBG).

Under this partnership, ABPL will supply GPSR’s OptiMAXX equipment, specifically designed for India’s CBG sector, along with advanced laboratory equipment powered by cutting-edge German technology. This collaboration is focused on targeting mid-size CBG plants, which represent the largest segment in India’s burgeoning CBG sector.

By combining GPSR’s project experience, engineering expertise, and the high-performance OptiMAXX equipment with ABPL’s engineering skills, execution experience, and advanced laboratory technology, the partnership is set to deliver top-performing mid-size BioCNG plants. This initiative aims to set new industry standards and significantly boost India’s BioCNG sector, enhancing efficiency and excellence in production.

The alliance between GPSR and ABPL marks a significant step forward in the development of India’s renewable energy infrastructure, promising to bring innovative solutions and unmatched performance to the BioCNG industry.



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