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Big boost: Moroccan government to allocate 1 million hectares to green hydrogen projects

On Monday, the Moroccan government announced its plan to dedicate 1 million hectares to green hydrogen projects, with an initial allocation of 300,000 hectares in the first phase, as part of an incentive package aimed at attracting investors.

Green hydrogen, produced by electrolyzing water with renewable energy sources, is anticipated to play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions across industries.

The initiative is poised to position Morocco as a significant player in global energy transition efforts, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office.

Morocco’s proposal encompasses comprehensive projects involving renewable energy electricity generation and electrolysis, as well as the conversion of green hydrogen into ammonia, methanol, and synthetic fuel, the statement detailed.

While specific incentives for investors were not disclosed, the statement mentioned that incentives would be provided as part of the offer.

The produced green hydrogen is intended for both export and domestic use, the statement confirmed.

Morocco has already garnered interest from approximately 100 investors keen on participating in green hydrogen production projects. With its abundant solar and wind resources, Morocco aims to expedite its energy transition journey.



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