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Amplus Solar plans launch of distributed green hydrogen projects

Amplus Solar is mulling to launch distributed green hydrogen projects next year, according to Sharad Pungalia, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Amplus Solar, reported ETEnergyWorld.

“We have already initiated work on a distributed green hydrogen model. Our aim is to build on our success with rooftop solar projects, where we supply solar power to consumers by installing solar projects at their premises. I intend to replicate the same business model for hydrogen,” he explained.

Currently, the company boasts a portfolio of over 1.9 GW of operational and under-construction distributed solar assets across India.

Pungalia further explained that for customers requiring distributed green hydrogen, they plan to install electrolysers on their premises.

“Since we are already providing green electricity to them, we will continue to do so and additionally supply hydrogen on-site. Therefore, by next year or so, we will introduce such projects in our offerings,” he elaborated.

Regarding electrolyser manufacturing, Pungalia clarified that the company does not intend to manufacture them but will procure and supply the technology from third-party vendors.

“As project developers, our focus is on delivering projects rather than manufacturing, similar to how we operate with solar panels. We will source these electrolysers from third-party suppliers to provide to our customers,” Pungalia stated.

As part of the Gentari Group based in Malaysia, Amplus Solar, headquartered in Gurugram, provides low-carbon energy solutions to industrial and commercial customers.



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